How can OM (formerly Voltas) Forklift helps in Construction and Manufacturing Industries for Heavy Lifting and Moving Materials?

eForklifts have become one of the most crucial elements in several industries in terms of heavy material handling and warehouse operations. The construction and manufacturing industry requires a large volume of different raw materials that need to be handled safely. Therefore, forklifts are frequently used as powerful construction vehicles to carry heavy loads from one place to another safely and securely.

OM (previously known as VOLTAS) brand products have decades of manufacturing expertise in developing high-functioning warehouse equipment. Modern OM forklifts are further improved than their previous counterparts in terms of efficiency and performance. As a result, OM forklifts specifically designed for industrial use are perfect for construction sites and manufacturing industries for heavy lifting and moving materials.

Types of OM Forklifts

OM provides a variety of forklifts that are used in the construction and manufacturing industries:

  • Warehouse forklifts
  • Industrial forklifts
  • High capacity forklifts
  • Rough terrain forklifts

These forklifts are available in different engine options such as Diesel & Electric.

OM Forklifts in Construction

Forklifts are considered as both lifting equipment and vehicles in construction sites. They are frequently used for material transportation on the rough terrain of construction sites. Forklifts are the most preferred industrial vehicles for bulk material handling with safety precautions. The most common uses are given below:

  • Transporting heavy building materials
  • Unloading blocks, bricks, wood, steel joists and other construction materials
  • Carrying materials from delivery trucks to the construction site
  • Loading and unloading pallets

The construction industry relies heavily on forklifts for loading and delivering products to their destination. With top-quality operational efficiency, safety and optimal performance, OM forklifts are suitable for material handling in construction.

OM Forklifts in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry involves frequently moving and transporting a large number of finished products as well as raw materials from one destination to another. As a result, forklifts provide a great deal of support to large-scale manufacturing companies that design and develop products for airlines, automobiles, textiles, consumer electronics, heavy machinery, furniture, and many others.

Forklifts in the manufacturing industry are used in the following ways:

  • Loading and unloading of products from shipment
  • Bulk transportation of finished goods
  • Storing materials in the warehouse in an organized manner
  • Equipment handling and order maintenance

High-powered OM forklifts are capable of bulk material handling in the manufacturing industry. Factories and warehouses have a huge stock of products and forklifts are perfect for better handling and inventory management.

Both construction and manufacturing industries heavily rely on forklifts for efficient material handling, order supply and moving pallets. OM forklifts are the perfect fit for managing industrial applications with enhanced safety and care.

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