Why the New Range of Linde Electric Forklifts is a Game Changer?

Forklifts are important equipment for material handling in warehouses. They can lift and move heavy materials from one location to another with ease. Therefore, they are designed in such a way that maximum force can be generated along with improved speed and maneuverability. The new Linde electric forklift models deliver precision and optimum performance in terms of material handling.

Linde Material Handling offers a wide range of electric forklift trucks with enhanced speed, maximum safety, durability, and overall performance. The design has been optimized in such a way that these forklifts can deliver high-handling performance even in comparatively tight spaces. The development and enhancement of twin-motor front-wheel drive produced higher maneuverability.

List of Linde Electric Forklift Trucks

Equipped with agility and precision, Linde electric forklift trucks have become more versatile, comfortable, and cost-efficient. An effective drive technology along with advanced traction and precise steering has been developed to improve quick material transportation.

Here are the Linde electric forklift models:

(All the below mentioned models are available for selling in India)

  • Battery Counterbalance Forklift Trucks – This include models E15B, E18B, E20B, E20B-01, E25B, and E25B-01. The capacity ranges from 1500 kg to 2500 kg.
  • Smart Line Electric Forklift Trucks – The models included are E30SL and E35SL. They are capable of liftingand carrying materials weighing 3000-3500 kg.
  • Electric Counterbalance Trucks – This include models E35, E40, E45, and E50. With capacities ranging from 3000 to 5000 kg, they deliver optimum performance with safety and reliability.
  • Electric Counterbalanced Trucks – the models are E60, E70, E80, and E80/900. They provide the ultimate warehouse handling experience with a capacity of 6000-8000 kg.

Advantages of Linde Electric Forklift Trucks

Versatile and Comfortable

Electric forklifts with a variety of models and capacity ranges are used in several industries. Due to their wide range, they are versatile and can be utilized in different aspects of material handling. Also, their powerful design makes them comfortable to use with precise handling.

Compact Axle

The compact axle drive developed by Linde provides smooth load handling with power steering. Equipped with Linde AC technology, the two motors along with the compact axle deliver amazing precision, safety, and energy efficiency in the transportation of materials.

Efficient Energy Management

The electric forklift trucks are also equipped with intelligent energy management systems for efficiently managing the energy outcome. The system allows forklifts to bring out the optimal efficiency from the batteries while simultaneously maintaining long-lasting durability.


Linde electric forklifts provide the necessary comfort for operators by including ergonomic considerations to make the work as fatigue-free as possible. Precise location control joysticks and rotating driver’s workstations are done to improve efficiency.

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